Olathe Memorial Cemetery

About this Cemetery

In 1865, Watts Beckwith set aside 10 acres of his land for a city cemetery to alleviate to crowding issue of the original city cemetery. The first burial was Elvira Beckwith, 1818-1865. A few years later a railroad was built that impacted the old city cemetery and the interred were relocated to this new city cemetery.

The city of Olathe grew, and in the 1970s Northgate Street was widened and inadvertently covered a portion of unmarked graves, potentially including those graves that were moved from the original cemetery. A memorial was unveiled April 27, 2008 with 76 names of those known from the original cemetery.

Olathe Memorial Cemetery World War I Memorial

The north two-thirds of the cemetery, the oldest portion, is layed out in rectangular sections and blocks and raised block markers have recently been installed. The northeast side of the cemetery contains a potter's field and is the area impacted by street expansion.

The southern-most 1/3 of the cemetery was designed in circular and semi-circular patterns making row notations impossible. Other features in the southern-most section include a baby section, a Civil War Memorial dedicated in 1893, a World War I Memorial dedicated in 1926, a DAR Memorial dedicated May 13, 1934, and a small columbarium.