Monticello Cemetery

About this Cemetery

This cemetery is known locally as Old Monticello Cemetery. According to the sexton, this cemetery was the original cemetery for the Town of Monticello. It was noted this cemetery to neglect for a number of years and the location of some graves were lost.

The land where Monticello Cemetery is located was first patented to John P Campbell as bounty land given to officers and soldiers under an act passed by Congress on 3 Mar 1855. Campbell sold land to the Monticello Town Company on 20 Jun 1859 for Plat 1, and sold Plat 2 for the Monticello Cemetery. It is unknown if burials were already in this location at the time the Town of Monticello was platted, but it is certainly possible.

This cemetery contains a number of obvious missing stones and empty settings, a number of illegible and broken stones, and some graves marked only with a rock. The oldest surviving legible death date is for Clara B McFadden in 1866, at least 6 years after the cemetery is first mentioned in the county deeds.

Based solely on the legible stones in the cemetery we see a sporadic usage pattern. Although this may not truly reflect the early history of this cemetery, the surviving stones do demonstrate a pattern of increasing early usage that peaked in the 1870s then ceased in 1886. The two burials in the early part of the 1890s were for those joining previously interred spouses. In 1899 there are two interments, and the usage continued on a slow increase through that century and into 2000.

Interments by Decade