Mount Pleasant Burying Ground

About this Cemetery

The sign, barely viewable on the western edge of an island of dense tree growth, reads Mount Pleasant "Four Corners" Burying Grounds Est. 1879. Mount Pleasant was an early community that later was known by the Four Corners at its heart. Two acres of land for this cemetery was given to the Mount Pleasant Burying Ground and Meeting House. The Christian Church Meeting House was located on one of the Four Corners about .5 miles south of the cemetery.

During my exploration of this cemetery, I found 8 obvious stones, and 9 indications of graves where the stone is now broken, missing, or almost completely buried.

In the early 1970s, this cemetery was transcribed as part of a project by the Johnson Co. Genealogical Society, and donated to the county. At that time the cemetery seems to have been in much better condition. I have added the transcriptions of stones found then that are now either missing or unreachable.