Boles Cemetery

About this Cemetery

On May 9, 2001, this cemetery was officially named at a special meeting by the Monticello District Cemetery Association. Listed in county records as "no name", and locally referred to as King Cemetery, the cemetery was finally named for Rev. Charles Boles, land owner when the first burial occurred.

Charles King, interred here, was a brother to Rev. Joseph King, who married Nancy Jane, daughter of Charles Boles. The Kings interred here are related through Charles and Rhoda (Smith) King, as are the 2 Smith burials.

The following known family names interred here are taken from the Boles Family Bible:

JWB (James Wesley Boles) B: 1/2/1871 D: 2/10/1871, son of Anne & Charles Boles.
Pearl Downs B: 11/24/1874 D: 7/13/1881, daughter of Rozenia (Boles) and Rev. T.C. Downs, grand-daughter of Charles Boles.

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